NBA "Orgins" Interactive Digital Campaign

"Origins" Interactive Website and Mobile/Social App

The NBA is the ultimate team sport. It takes a collective best spirit to do the one thing every team desires: To win. Win games, win the fans, and to win the hearts and minds of the community.


Among African Americans, community is everything. It’s our heart and soul. And it’s these very communities that deliver an endless supply of those who uplift, guide, and encourage our own. We want to tell their stories.


By exploring the communities that help make the players, and gaining a better understanding of what makes a team, this campaign will allow both fans and communities to connect at a deeper level with their favorite NBA team.

"Origins" Interactive Website and Mobile/Social App

Welcome to Origins.


Using the players’ body parts as a portal, fans will learn the stories behind the skills. Here, they can find their favorite NBA team, learn what each player contributes, and the origins of that contribution through a rich and engaging digital experience.

"Origins" Interactive Website and Mobile/Social App

The stories behind the skills


Kevin Garnett has a reputation for being the league’s most intense player. It’s an extremely powerful tool that Kevin uses night in and night out to intimidate opponents and inspire his teammates to victory. But do you know how he got that intensity? At ORIGINS.NBA.COM you will. Told by the actual people who helped develop or inspire the player, fans will make a deeper connection with their favorite team as they learn the stories behind the skills that each player brings to the table.


Rich media video of Kevin’s mom on his intensity:


Mom: “I think basketball was a refuge for Kevin when bad things happened. Comin’ up it was rough. We didn’t live in the best neighborhood and at one point Kevin got in trouble. About the same time he had a good friend that got killed. It all just made him work even harder. He got real serious about basketball. He’d always be playing against kids who were bigger, older, and stronger than him. Those big boys had a lot more experience than Kevin. But it motivated him to improve. He was so hooked on basketball sometimes he would sneak out of his bedroom window in the dead of night to go play. He saw it as a way to change his life. All our lives.”

"Origins" Interactive Website and Mobile/Social App

My Starting 5: Facebook/Mobile App


A Facebook app that allows users to create a five-man team from their friend’s list, and set up real basketball games against other Facebook teams. Users create a starting lineup that includes themselves and four friends by tagging photos through Facebook. Using the nicknames of her NBA starting five, user will assign friends the nickname that best represents the friend. Images with nicknames will be shared on user’s page, friend’s walls, and the NBA Facebook Fan page.


• App automatically imports players and syncs with Facebook to schedule and arrange pick-up games.

• App also records scores, stats, and posts results back to Facebook.