OxiClean Social Media and Mobile Game

"Keep the Memories, Not the Stain" Campaign

Life is fun. Fun can be messy. And OxiClean lets you live, without the fear that you’ll be stained for life. This campaign taps into the simple human truth that objects are like songs: they can trigger memories that put us in a specific place, time, or emotional state. So by keeping these common objects spotless, OxiClean helps us keep the memories.

There is no denying the phenomenon

of Instagram. It is THE place for active social media users to share their photos and memories. So what better venue to demonstrate the tangible benefits of OxiClean and the value of creating memories, than on their own official Instagram page?


As a sponsor of events where people have fun getting dirty (youth soccer leagues, Pop Warner football, Tough Mudder contests, Holi festivals, etc.), OxiClean leveraged the visual power and reach of Instagram, and seamlessly reinforced the concept of keeping the memory, but not the stain.

Instagram page copy:


From Tough Mudder contests to weekend youth soccer, theres's nothing like good, clean, dirty fun -- and we want to be part of it! Versatile OxiClean lets you hold on to all the good times, while getting rid of the stains. www.oxiclean.com

Instagram Page

Facebook and YouTube

The idea: Like our memories, the things we own can fade. While time and dirt can wear them down, OxiClean brings them back to life.


Our approach with Facebook was to take user generated comments and turn them into emotional, relatable, stories. Using the hashtag “DearOxiClean” we asked Facebook fans to share their memories of how Oxiclean rescued objects and clothing in their lives: a soiled stuffed Teddy bear. A hand-me-down wedding dress. A favorite t-shirt. We then took the stories that resonated most with users and created long-form digital videos and posted them on Facebook and YouTube.  



With relevant and compelling user-inspired digital content, we show how the simple act of removing a stain does more than just clean an object: it allows you to keep it close. So you can hold on to the memories.

Video Game

We created an OxiClean branded video game/mobile app called “Stain Fighter.” A shooter-style game where the object is to hit clothes on a moving clothesline with all manner of stain-makers and get them as dirty as possible. The more clothes you stain

and knock off the clothesline -- the higher your score!

How to Play

• Typical clothing items hang on a clothesline and quickly move from left to right across the viewer’s screen.


• The object of the game is to knock the clothes off the line before they fill an off-screen washing machine. This is done by throwing various “stain-makers” at the clothes: tomatoes, mustard, grapes, mud, ketchup, blueberries, etc.


• The more clothes you get dirty and knock off the line -- the more points you score.


• An on-screen meter lets you know how close you are to filling your washing machine with the clothes you’ve failed to knock off the line. Once the washing machine gets full, the game ends.


• In the blink of an eye, the washing machine quickly cleans the clothes (removing the stains with OxiClean of course) and you’re ready to play again!

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