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BIC "Write Your Wrongs" Digital and Print

BIC Wite-Out Correction Pen - Print

Everybody makes mistakes. But with a BIC Wite-Out Shake n’ Squeeze correction pen, there’s no writing blunder you can’t fix.

FINAL 2019b Bic Wite-Out 1 Misp Vig -25+

COPY: Write your wrongs with a Wite-Out Shake n' Squeeze correction pen.

FINAL 2019b Bic Wite-Out 2 Innc Vig -25+
FINAL Wite out 2018 Vert Embarrassing US
FINAL 2019b Bic Wite-Out 3 Embar Vig -25

Branded In-App Promotion

Where do people make lots of mistakes? Crossword puzzles of course! So we teamed BIC with the New York Times and integrated a branded promotion into the world’s most popular crossword app.

FINAL 1 BIC Crossword iPhone for WIX.png
FINAL 2 BIC Crossword iPhone for WIX.png

Check your puzzle. If there are incorrect answers, you are alerted with a branded message from BIC.

Return to the puzzle and

correct your mistakes.

FINAL 3 BIC Crossword iPhone for WIX.png
FINAL 4 BIC Crossword iPhone for WIX.png

The corrected puzzle now complete, another branded message gives you the opportunity to download a freebie from BIC.

Download the offer and redeem

at your favorite retailer. 

FINAL 5 BIC Crossword iPhone for WIX.png
BIC_logo 1200px-large.svg.png


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