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McDonald's Crispy Chicken Sandwich - "The PERFECT3" Campaign

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To launch their New Crispy Chicken Sandwich, McDonald’s took all the things that make a great chicken sandwich, and combined them into one awesome word: Crispyjuicytender!


For the African American consumer market, we tweaked the formula for defining chicken sandwich greatness, by combining three culturally relevant things that resonate with our target into one word: The PERFECT3. The premier way to describe something so great, it's like three independently great things came together and created something even better!

Online Videos and TV
These fun little in culture videos were created to run on specific media outlets frequented by our target.

"DJ"                                                                                            "Vibe" 

"Friends"                                                                                    "Music" 

"Hoops"                                                                                       "Kicks" 

"Gaming"                                                                                    "Social" 

Street Furniture

Using our campaign formula of The PERFECT3, we targeted specific cities and created culturally relevant out of home ads meant to speak only to residents of that city. 

New York City                                                  

CJT NYC Bodega USE THIS Vertical-blank-b


CJT Chicago Criss Cross.png


CJT Philly The Bell.png


CJT DC U Street.png


CJT ATL Cascade.png

National Radio

"One Word" :30Mickey D's
00:00 / 00:31
"DJ" :15Mickey D's
00:00 / 00:16
"Vibe" :15Mickey D's
00:00 / 00:16
"Nothing" :30Mickey D's
00:00 / 00:30

Crispy Chicken Sandwich "Unboxing" Video

To reach our target audience, we partnered with a popular sneakerhead website and created an unboxing video for the New Crispy Chicken Sandwich. This piece is post roll, so it actually begins at the :59 mark, coming AFTER the sneaker unboxing video that it so lovingly parodies.

Press the play arrow in the video window below.

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