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2013 Ford Escape "Brand New" 360º National Campaign

"Brand New" :60 TV


Multicultiral Excellence Award

Grand Prize Winner

African Americans jokingly use the term "brand new" to describe a drastic change in someone's behavior. Ford Motor Company has changed as well. With a renewed focus on building vehicles that meet African American's unique needs of style, value, and fuel economy, the all-new 2013 Escape will be a vehicle of change: introducing the target to new life experiences that until now, they've never even entertained. And as this campaign humorously suggests, owning an all-new Escape is so life-changing, the people who know you best will think you're someone altogether different. Or in other words -- brand new.

"Valet and Bag Boy" :30 TV

Ever since they got an all-new Escape, the Brown Family has been on the road having the time of their lives.

And in this spot we meet two more people who really miss them.

Web Video 1: "G.A.S.U.P"

To build awareness in the social/digital space, we created three web videos featuring characters from the TV spots. Each video promotes a specific benefit or feature of the all-new Escape.

Web Video 2: "Behind The Wheel"

This mockumentary-style web video promotes Active Park Assist. An available option on the all-new 2013 Escape.

Web Video 3: "Kick-it!"

What do you do when you’re a bag boy and your favorite customer gets a vehicle with a helpful new feature that you’re not exactly crazy about? You do what any normal person would do: you write a song about it and shoot an elaborate over-the-top music video. DUH?!! Music, lyrics, and vocals by yours truly.


"The Bag Boys" :30 TV

Naturally, The Bag Boys soon got featured in their own TV commercial. Naturally.

Escape "Brand New" National Radio

Ford Escape: Brand New "Valet/Park Assist"Demetrius Hill - Copywriter
Ford Escape: Brand New "Bag Boy/Hands-Free Lift gate"Demetrius Hill - Copywriter
Ford Escape: Brand New "Gas Attendant/Gas Mileage"Demetrius Hill - Copywriter

National Magazine Print "Active Park Assist"

TEXT: Oh, so ya'll surfin' now?

Talk about gettin' all BRAND NEW!

It's like I don't even know you! BTW,

I'm still pretty salty about you guys

using Park Assist right in my face.

Not cool man. NOT cool.

~Vince the Valet.


COPY: Best-in-class fuel efficiency, automated hands-free liftgate, and active park assist. Introducing the incredibly fun and fuel-efficient ALL-NEW 2013 ESCAPE. It'll make

a brand-new you.


Ford. Go Further.

National Magazine Print "Gas Mileage"

TEXT: Hi guys, long time - no see. Ever since you got the all-new Escape you don't come by the station as much as you used to. So what's up? (apparently your gas mileage.) You think I let everybody pump BEFORE paying? No! But I let you because I THOUGHT we were friends. I understand you're into new things and all, but you guys are really trippin'.

~ Stanley the gas attendant


COPY: Best-in-class automatic highway fuel efficiency, automated hands-free liftgate and active park assist. Introducing the incredibly fun and fuel-efficient ALL-NEW 2013 ESCAPE. It'll make a brand-new you.


Ford. Go Further.

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