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About Me


So you'd like to know a bit more about me. Lucky for you, a flux capacitor or way-back machine

is not required. Simply download the document below.









Fun Facts

Since I'm spilling my guts, I've listed a few things about me you might find interesting:


• Able to solve Rubick's Cube

• Possess an uncanny ability to get really good parking spaces

• Can't stand being barefoot

• The rare human that likes both fruitcake and mayonnaise. (But not together.)

• I have never used an emoji. And never will

• Firm believer that cheese has no business on broccoli

• Still hooked on Phonics



What Else Have I Worked On?

Everything! Below are just a few of the other brands for which I have extensive experience:







Team USA Logo.png
Screen Shot WTA Logo.png
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