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Coca-Cola "Refresh the Feed" Social Media

"Refresh the Feed" Campaign

I was fortunate to be part of an in-house creative team that was invited to work with the good folks of the Coke Social Team on the Refresh The Feed campaign. A worthy and ambitious endeavor to restock the world of social media with positivity, one optimistic post at a time.

Small RFTF 1.04.51 PM.png
Small RFTF 2A USE THIS at 2.25.29 PM.png

Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

In connection with World Kindness Day, this iconic brand’s new social strategy is bubbling with uplift and optimism. Wiping all their social channels and going dark a few days before the official launch, the #RefreshTheFeed campaign was kicked-off by flooding all of Coke’s social feeds with 99 pieces of in-house created art that embraces the brand's core values. 

RFTF Twitter masthead 1.png
RFTF Love Breaks.png

Designed to create a more cohesive voice in the social world, the images are graphic stylizations that boldly feature Coca-Cola’s brand colors of red and white, with messages of simple yet actionable positivity to be shared among their more than eight million followers in the United States.

RFTF Facebook Screen Shot.png

My amazing partners and I ideated both static and animated designs for some of the more than 100 posts that are part of this inspirational campaign. So far the work has appeared on all the major social networks, the Times Square digital billboard in NYC, posters, and even clothing. And not surprisingly, It's all been received by the public with an overwhelmingly positive response!

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