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McDonald's Black & Positively Golden Mentors ˚360 Campaign

Black & Positively Golden

Black & Positively Golden® is a movement to uplift Black communities. To tell stories of truth, power, and pride, to help individuals and organizations revive, protect, and strengthen our culture.

For BAPG 2.0, we're adding action to the list. Action that will help build the next generation of Black Excellence.

Golden Mentors

There is a shift happening in our culture. A changing of the guard. The OGs are moving on, and a new wave of talented, enthusiastic, action-oriented people have emerged to take the lead and move the culture forward.

Golden Mentors represents Black & Positively Golden's efforts to fully support positive actions that transition the next group of Black Millennials and Gen-Zers into the leaders of tomorrow. To mentor the new crew of young doers and makers that are focused on their goals, taking action, and showing signs of seizing the reins of leadership in all disciplines of society and culture.

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"The New Nerds" :30 TV

Meet computer science activist, coder, speaker, and soon to be author, 16 year-old Ian Michael Brock. Ian is the co-funder of Dream Hustle Code. A non-profit that teaches kids of color coding and computer science. He's the star of this spot kicking-off the Golden Mentors campaign, and he's a future leader of tomorrow.

"Action" :30 Radio                                    "What Happens When" :30 Radio                "Voices" :30 Radio

Black and Positively Golden Mentors, The Series

Episode 1: Ian Michael Brock


The Instagram series passing the torch to the next generation of leaders.


In Episode 1, Ian Michael Brock chats with Erin Chapman.

Episode 2: Big Sean


Hip-hop superstar and GRAMMY-winning artist Big Sean chops it up with the very surprised singer/rapper, Nyla Lewis.

Episode 3: Kierra Sheard

Gospel artist and all-around awesome human Kierra Sheard

sings the praises of up and coming artist JD Flagg.

Episode 4: Bubba Wallace

Aspiring racecar driver Raja Caruth

kicks the conversation into high gear with NASCAR Driver Bubba Wallace.

Master Class


A one-on-one knowledge drop with the stars of our Black and Positively Golden Mentors series.

Video Promos

Big Sean • Kierra Shearer • Bubba Wallace • Ian Brock • Anna Ambuchi • Erin Chapman

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