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Fanta Wild Cherry Out of Home and Radio

Wild Cherry Fanta National Campaign

It looks like cherry, smells like cherry, and is packed with so much cherry goodness, New Wild Cherry Fanta will overload your tastebuds. So to launch it, we created a campaign emphasizing to the nth degree, the bold, senses-altering taste of Fanta’s newest flavor.

Out of Home

Fanta_Wild_Cherry_48x14 Cherry Bomb V3.p
Fanta_Wild_Cherry_48x14 Wild Thing

Bus Shelters

Fanta_Wild_Cherry_Vertical_Kiosk So Bold
Fanta_Wild_Cherry_Vertical_Kiosk Tie You



Press play button on screen

Instgram iphone wFanta Copy 131.png

So intense your tongue will see colors. Try New Wild Cherry Fanta. #ItsCherriesGoneWild

Instgram iphone wFanta Copy 132.png

Check out New Wild Cherry Fanta. Now on the loose! #ItsCherriesGoneWild

Instgram iphone wFanta Copy 133.png

Take a sip on the wild side. Try New Wild Cherry Fanta. #ItsCherriesGoneWild

:30 Radio

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