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Caifornia Department of Public Health "The Rona" 360º Campaign

"The Rona"

Hard as it is to believe, for some folks Corona virus is myth. A unicorn. A hoax. They don’t take it seriously because they haven’t been personally impacted by it. So we made it real for them.


We personified the virus by giving it a voice and a personality, and let it tell our target what it’s all about: how it's a horrible, unforgiving, and indiscriminate killer. We used dark humor and sarcasm to get the message across that too many Californians are doing exactly what the virus wants you to do, in order to keep hanging around. And at the same time cleverly educate the public on just how easy it to prevent the spread.


With any luck, we’ll get our target to kill the virus by bringing it to life.*

:30 Radio



Press play button on screen

TV / Digital - "First Date"

TV / Digital - "Uninvited Guest"


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the rona Follow me on social. It's only fair considering I've been following you for months.

The Rona CA

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the rona I'm not on your guest list, but thanks

to your no mask-wearing no social distancing friends, I'm always on the guest list.

The Rona CA

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the rona and since everyone refuses to wash their hands, there'll be plenty of leftovers to take me home. Enjoy.

The Rona CA

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