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First Service Credit Union 360˚ Campaign

"For You, Not Profit" Campaign

First Service Credit Union does what it does for one reason: their members. With a proven approach and a unique set of values, FSCU knows the amazing things that can be accomplished when profit is taken out of the equation. And because making money isn’t their focus, FSCU is doing what the big banks can’t: willingly going above and beyond to make life

better for the people they serve.

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Why trust your money to people who don’t trust you? At First Service Credit Union, we don’t care if you take our pens. We’re too busy giving our members consistently low loan rates and the respect they deserve. Restore your trust in banking. Visit to learn more.


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First Service Credit Union is member-owned and not for profit. So instead of worrying about the bottom-line, we focus on meeting your financial needs, and giving you all the attention the big banks won’t. See what it’s like to bank where they truly have an interest in you. Visit to learn more.

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We're First Service Credit Union. We're not a big bank so best-in-class service doesn't come to you at a premium. It's simply what you get for walking through the door. And we work hard for you every day to keep it that way. Visit to learn more.

Community Service

First Service Credit Union's mission is to provide financial services that enhance members' lives. But why stop there? Why

not make life better for everyone in the communities FSCU serves? So when given the task, the creative team came up with

a unique way to combine the two. 

Introducing the Spend, Share, Save program.


When First Service Credit Union members donate their time and talents to local charitable organizations, they're not only helping to improve their own communities, but their hours of valuable service can actually earn them an even lower rate on

a home or auto loan.

By investing sweat equity in their own backyards, not only do our communities 

benefit, it literally pays-off for First Service Members. Everyone ends up with a smile

on their face.

"Stop Waffling" Membership Drive Event


Everybody loves free waffles, right? So we got a food truck, parked it right across the street from a big bank, and not-so-subtly reminded people that they could be in a happier banking situation if they would only make the switch to First Service Credit Union. #StopWaffling

In a fun and disruptive way, prospective new members were introduced to the benefits of doing their banking with PFCU versus the big banks. And with no sales pressure whatsoever, were served free Belgian waffles as a reminder to stop waffling, and finally get the banking relationship they deserve.

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