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"Compact with ActiveAire" Web Video

Bathroom odors are something we all have to deal with. It's a simple fact of life. And to illustrate the problem, this promotional video introducing Georgia-Pacific's new air freshener is flush with potty humor. (See what I did there?)

"Dixie Ultra Napkin System" Web Video

The client wanted a piece that could hold the viewer's attention not only online, but in the wild and 

raccus atmosphere of a paper products convention. So we created something upbeat and fun that

didn't require a quiet setting to deliver the excting news of "fancy new napkin system."

"Manifesto" Web Video

No company does more to understand and anticipate customer needs than Georgia-Pacific. And

this video celebrates GP’s culture of innovation and “perfecting the practical.” It tells the story of 

a company continually looking forward, and how every part of the GP Pro portfolio is specifically designed to deliver on the promise of Performance At Work™.

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