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"This Is Good" Campaign

Being real is better than being perfect. And Minute Maid is real juice for real families.

In this concept we show parents that what matters is not achieving perfection, but embracing all the imperfect moments that make life with your family special: the things that make your day! The fun times, the sad times, the frustrating and the chaotic. We help parents see the brighter side of things so they can squeeze more happiness out of family time, and show them how every moment can be GOOD, when it’s shared with Minute Maid and people you love. #ThisIsGOOD.

Instagram Page


Minute Maid is juice for real families that tells it how it really is, in all its honest glory. So we filled their Instagram and Pinterest pages with a mix of social content consisting of recipes, crafts, real moments and "Juicy Thoughts" positioning Minute Maid as the juice for people who know parenting isn't always easy, but it's always good. #thisisGOOD

Minute Maid Instagram page 2018-12-05 at

Juicy Thoughts

As parents we’ve all been there, so we’ve all thought it. In this series of posts, Minute Maid comes right out and says it.

Minute Maid Pinterest 2018-12-05 at 3.31
Minute Maid Pinterest2 2018-12-05 at 3.5

Pinterest Page


Minute Maid believes there is good in every family, including yours. And Minute Maid believes it's GOOD to spend quality time with your family.

So we created a Pinterest page filled with craft ideas, videos and meal hacks to bring family's together for more good times.

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