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Delta Airlines - Web Banners

Men's and Women's T-Shirts

Never Touch a Woman's Hair. Never! She did not pay good money to have you all up in her head feeling around like you're searching for a remote in the sofa. You might find out it's a weave, or tracks, or extensions. Maybe even a wig. And she's not trying to let you know all her secrets. (At least not yet.) SHE DON'T KNOW YOU LIKE THAT! So reach up in her hair and you best believe -- you never will! But, if she wants to touch YOUR hair... well, THAT'S DIFFERENT.

The Friend Zone. Not a place you want to find yourself with a woman like me. But that's where you end-up when you're half-steppin' and don't come correct. You leave me no other choice. So sure, I'll let you take me out. But don't get all touchy-feely and try to make any moves. I'm not feeling you like that. You're alright -- but we're just friends. And we both know this isn't going anywhere. Well, at least I do.

Atlanta ADDY Awards Web Video "Mother"

The agency was tasked with creating a call-for-entries campaign that would get the cynical local ad community to submit work to the Rodney Dangerfield of award shows: the ADDY Awards. So we took that perception, flipped it, and produced a series of web videos about some disgruntled talking trophies that have lost their spot on the mantle in order to make room for the now highly coveted Atlanta ADDY.


Truth be told, there's nothing funny about germs. But there's no reason

you can't make some funny ads about killing them.


"I'm Ron Jeremy, how you doin'?"



Keep on Hand. Purell


Publix Supermarkets Print

A series of ads celebrating the cultural and historical importance of foods rooted in the African American experience.

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