U.S. Marine Corps National TV and Facebook Social Media Experience

U.S. Marine Corps "Fighting With A Purpose" :60 TV

With an urgent need to diversify their ranks, the Marines asked us to develop an officer recruitment campaign targeting African Americans. Armed with the knowledge that minorities have their own reasons for joining the corps and are intimately connected to their communities, we created a spot that demonstrates how the Marines are not just about fighting -- they're about helping.

"Can You Lead?" Facebook Component

THE MISSION: Increase “Likes” of the U.S. Marines Facebook page.

THE SOLUTION: Through participation in this Facebook experience, African American males are given the opportunity to lead by example and display their leadership qualities, by influencing friends to “Like” the Marines Official Facebook page.

A live action Drill Sergeant in an interruptive banner ad, challenges the target to prove he is a leader: “Hey you – yeah you! Are you a leader? Well are you? Then click on my face and prove it. I DARE you!”

Viewer accepts the challenge and is taken to the Marines Facebook page where he is greeted by the Drill Sergeant: “Well look what the cat dragged in. You think you got what it takes, huh? I doubt it! But you’re here – so let’s see what ya got!

The video continues and the viewer learns what the Marines look for in a leader and that they help in more ways than just through combat.

To measure leadership potential, the viewer is tasked with building a team by inviting 10 Facebook friends to “Like” the Marines page.

When the system confirms that you and your friends have completed the task, you are rewarded with the following:

• A shareable video from a REAL Marine Drill Sergeant congratulating you by name for completing the task and showing great leadership potential.

• A set of “I Can Lead” virtual dog tags that can be displayed on your profile page.


The exact time of how fast your team completed the task is also tracked and displayed for all to see and compare on your dog tags. Lastly, a chart on the Marines page will display the times of the top 25 teams. A special set (color) of dog tags is also awarded for being a top 25 team.


"There When You Need Us" :60 TV

Georgia-Pacific wanted a TV spot that communicated their efforts to get folks back on their feet, and help rebuild their communities in times of natural disaster. When it was all said and done, the client believed we had created something that beautifully delivered a simple message: when disaster strikes -- we'll be there.

Ford Explorer "Crazy Kevin" National :30s

Ford Explorer: Crazy Kevin "25 MPG"Demetrius Hill - Copywriter
Ford Explorer: Crazy Kevin "Seating"Demetrius Hill - Copywriter
Ford Explorer: Crazy Kevin "Seatbelts"Demetrius Hill - Copywriter

Ford Escape "Brand New" National :30s

Ford Escape: Brand New "Valet/Park Assist"Demetrius Hill - Copywriter
Ford Escape: Brand New "Bag Boy/Hands-Free Lift gate"Demetrius Hill - Copywriter
Ford Escape: Brand New "Gas Attendant/Gas Mileage"Demetrius Hill - Copywriter

Explorer "Steve Harvey" National :30s

Ford Explorer: Steve Harvey "Blow Your Mind"Demetrius Hill - Copywriter
Ford Explorer: Steve Harvey "Gas Prices"Demetrius Hill - Copywriter
Ford Explorer: Steve Harvey "Kids"Demetrius Hill - Copywriter

The Home Depot "Stretch" National :30s

The Home Depot: Stretch "Black Friday Ryobi Tools" Demetrius Hill - Copywriter
The Home Depot: Stretch "Holiday Decorations" Demetrius Hill - Copywriter
The Home Depot: Stretch "Appliances" Demetrius Hill - Copywriter
Ford Explorer: Steve Harvey "Pretty"Demetrius Hill - Copywriter

Design Essentials "All My Hair-dos" Regional :30s

Design Essentials "Kalid and Bria"Demetrius Hill - Copywriter
Design Essentials "Porshe and Tyrell"Demetrius Hill - Copywriter
Design Essentials "Lavar and Tara"Demetrius Hill - Copywriter

Georgia Lottery

Georgia Lottery "Super Blackjack" Demetrius Hill - Copywriter

Publix Supermarkets

Publix Supermarkets "Spoken Word" Demetrius Hill - Copywriter


BellSouth "Drummer" Demetrius Hill - Copywriter

Other Explorations

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An Open Mind Leads

To Opened Doors.


At BMW, we believe the key to opening doors is diversity. We also understand the critical role it plays in our success. The innovative thinking that diversity fosters has long been a core pillar of our business strategy. As a company that embraces independent thinking,

BMW proudly supports the efforts of organizations, that believe all doors should be open to everyone.


BMW salutes the Women's Business Enterprise National Council.

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